Our Story


One night in a totally impromptu moment Nathaniel and Elzahn’s love for music and collaborating collided. Both were to perform at an awards evening held by the radio station Elzahn worked at over weekends and there they were… Destined to sing and play together! That night we did our first performance together (without rehearsal) and have been making music together since that moment.

We formed an acoustic/folk tribute band that did our own renditions of Tracy Chapman’s music and from there the idea to sing and play the beautiful songs written by our favourite artists. Soon after Nathaniel and Elzahn started performing as a duo at weddings and other events, with receiving much positive feedback – The Gales were born.

Our mission is straight forward…

We want to share our love for good music and powerful lyrics with you. With majestic vocal harmonies and a simplistic instrumental set-up. We envision ourselves as a perfect complement to moments where you and your friends are gathered in love and care for each other, be it at your wedding, your engagement party, your birthday or your company’s opening or end of year function. If you desire a folky, acoustic act for background music then, this would be us, and… we could easily also become a performance that you would want to sit and watch and take in.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”

Elzahn Rinquest has been a singer/songwriter since her high school years and have played with various musicians from around the country. She has performed at various venues and festivals and has won awards for her songwriting. Elzahn’s passion is music, but she also keeps herself busy with post-graduate studies and academic writing, which in some way satisfies the same love for creativity as when she is writing songs.
Nathaniel Akuetteh,Ghana born,South African based song artist. He is married with two boys and started singing at an early age of 9.
Through his primary, junior,senior and tertiary educational years he has been the Musical director of choirs and musical groups he belonged to.
Having been raised in church he is grounded in gospel music and through the years he has mastered his craft and sings different genres.
His passion for singing can be felt in his voice and his singing creates an atmosphere of depth one can only imagine.